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Printmaking Process

Carved out of stamp rubber, printed with stamp pads & a baren tool on cards that are hand-cut.
Blue & red cards are embossed with powder and a heat tool.

Jaguar Prints for the Northern Jaguar Project

Featuring plants from The Northern Jaguar Reserve in Sierra Madre, Sonora, Northern Mexico. 

The Northern Jaguar Project works to preserve essential jaguar habitat through the establishment, care, and expansion of a safe-haven sanctuary in northern Mexico.

Moss: A Love Story for Train Tracts

written by Jodi Mardesich Smith

Train Tracts is a traveling literary journal and an experiment in connection. The journal is made up of twelve books, each a collaboration between an artist and a writer. The small edition of books are each unique handmade works of art created by printmakers from around the country (and beyond). The stories are of travel, transformation, and connecting with strangers.

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